Scrum Master (Freelance or Perm)


Scrum Master (Freelance or Perm)

Présentation de l'entreprise

DynaFin Consulting is a human sized, flexible consulting company delivering services in the Financial Services Industry.

Our company consists of more than 120 committed consultants with offering strong expertise in the different domains: Risk - Invest – Payments – Credits – Insurance. In these domains we support our clients in:

  • Operational Excellence

  • Regulatory Compliancy

  • Software and Solution selection & Implementation


One single Sector – DynaFin Consulting focus exclusively on the financial sector. We have carried out and we do know the business of our clients.

One single Partner – Our experts accompany our clients in any dimension of their business. We provide unique and pragmatic solutions to their needs.

We provide our clients with 3 levels of solutions:

  • Advising the business : As an independent niche player in Financial Services, part of a European Eco-System, we provide you with unique market insights, based on our wide spread presence in the market and continuous development of innovative solutions within our extensive industry network

  • Changing the business: We manage transformation projects with proven methodologies based on an extensive track record.

  • Running the business: We accelerate the progress towards the operational excellence target of our clients.

In 11 years we have become a reference in the Belgian Financial Services landscape, starting from a specialization in securities services and acquiring knowledge in other domains, offering a one-stop-shop solution to our clients with a full range of services from strategical to operational.

In July 2017 we have joined the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem, becoming the 19th member of the ecosystem, each having its own range of expertise on major topics such as risk management, digital transformation, data and business intelligence, organizations and process management, change management, architecture and infrastructure …

Rôles & Responsabilités

In order to allow the scrum team to evolve to its next level within agile, and to have a precise day to day follow up of the team and its progress. Our client, specialized in the banking domain, is looking for a certified scrum master to join a Scrum team composed of 4 to 6 developers, 1 to 2 testers, 1 to 2 functional analysts and a product owner. The document generation part is one of the important topics of the architecture review and the client needs a Scrum Master to work specifically on this part.


  • Supports team self-organization, self-management and delivery via effective Agile practices.

  • Support and respect the Scrum process rules

  • Report to the Release Coordinator

  • Help the teams to achieve their backlogs/epic stories within the deadlines and quality

  • Facilitate ceremonies and maintain artifacts, this will require process improvements that you, as a scrum master, will propose and implement independently

  • Monitor the content of stories and possible scope creep in a correct way respecting the value of the (owner) product, and you block them if necessary.

This area is responsible for

1) Document generation: using the Scriptura tool.

  1. Document storage: use of SONORA, PDF cache tools.

  2. Orchestration: use of Docrouter, Recognition, ,....

  3. Digitization of documents: use of Kofax, Easyform, Recomatics tools

  4. Which communication is sent to which customers via which channels, alerting customers, making communication visible in customer archives, campaign, bank mail management, ....

Different applications on different platforms are concerned: mainframe with all messaging applications (GEMX, GEXE,...) and open system with document management applications (Scriptura, Sonora, Doc Router, ....)



  • You have more than 7 years of experience in managing scrum teams.

  • You are a certified scrum master

  • You are bilingual NL&EN or FR & EN

  • You have technical and commercial knowledge

  • You have an analytical, quality-oriented mind

  • You are a self-starter with a good team spirit

  • A good ability to withstand stress

  • Be able to make some of the necessary changes/improvements at the business level

  • You have sufficient understanding of the tools and technologies used in software engineering

  • You understand the techniques that help the team improve and can implement these ideas in your team

  • You understand business strategy to guide the team and product owner on what is valuable

  • Be able to help a large organization adopt agile principles.

  • Use your facilitation skills in any context, transfer your knowledge to team members and stakeholders

  • Serve the team and encourage leadership in others. Outside of your team, you are seen as someone who develops the organization (of the team).

  • You know how to deal with people based on their emotional reactions. Create awareness by presenting hard facts, even if they are difficult.

  • You are comfortable working in a java environment but also in a dedicated environment.